Crossing Lines Season 1
Crossing Lines Season 1 First Cast Promo
  Season 1
Episodes: 10
Original airdate: June 23, 2013 – August 18, 2013
Nielsen rating: 2.91 (average of 10 episodes)

Season 1 of Crossing Lines aired from June 23, 2013 to August 18, 2013.


Former NYPD officer Carl Hickman's life has fallen apart after he was injured on the job; he has become addicted to morphine and is working as a garbage collector at a carnival in the Netherlands. He is recruited to join the International Criminal Court's special crime unit. Based in The Hague, it investigates crimes (some serial, others not) that cross international boundaries. The unit includes an anti-mafia covert specialist from Italy, a tech specialist from Germany, a crime analyst from France, and a weapons specialist and tactical expert from Northern Ireland.


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Picture Title Number Season Number Production Code Original Airdate U.S. viewers
150px "Pilot" 1–2 1–2 June 23, 2013 4.37
Four women have been killed, their bodies left in wooded areas of parks in major European cities. Investigators, including wounded former American police officer Carl Hickman, team up to find the killer. The team checks out the latest crime scene and finds a shoe which may help identify a victim. The coroner discovers wounds on the victim which hint at the killer toying with his intended prey. The shoe is traced to a store where the killer abducts Agent San, while Hickman is out in the car taking care of his morphine fix. The killer is able to slip through a roadblock because his car has American Embassy plates. The team learns that the killer was at the recent crime scene and later identify him as Gerald Wilhoit, from a video of him purchasing a dog he had killed at the park. They also determine that he has taken Anne-Marie to a Berlin park. He wounds her and tells her to run, but she doesn't. She stands up to him, buying her team time to find their location. Hickman chases after him when Wilhoit mortally stabs Agent Pride. Hickman is unable to shoot him, due to his incapacity to load his gun's chamber with his wounded hand. Louis shoots him instead, and Hickman takes that gun to avoid an international incident.
150px "The Terminator" 3 3 June 30, 2013 3.71
As the ICC team recovers from Agent Pride's death, a millionaire real estate developer in Amsterdam is poisoned and his Van Gogh painting stolen. The team's research finds two other similar cases over the past year from other countries. At the victim's apartment, a scan reveals the ingested poison to be Polonium-210, also known as "The Terminator". Image captures from cameras show the woman who entered with the victim to be Irish national Nicole Ryan. Hickman finds the fake Van Gogh painting. When a previous victim's Vermeer is traced to a warehouse, the team finds two of Ryan's cohorts. One of them mentions "The Russian", a man who had Ryan poison her victims to see if the polonium worked. The other gives up Ryan's next target in Prague. Eva poses as a server at an art gallery. She has a geiger counter in her earpiece that alerts her when she is near Ryan. The team surrounds Ryan as she is holding a glass of champagne. She reveals that her male victims seduced young women; she then drinks the poison. Meanwhile, Dorn talks with Louis's wife, Rebecca, to learn more about what happened the night their son died from a car bomb.
150px "Long-Haul Predators" 4 4 July 7, 2013 2.90
The team uncovers a murder ring involving European truck drivers. A mechanic involved disables family vehicles in order to force parents to fight each other, with the orphaned children being cared for by the mechanic's wife. Sebastian works with his former partner Kathrin Eicholz who offers her own son to play a role in the bust, which Tommy and Eva act as parents. Hickman and Louis notice a resemblance between the boy and Sebastian and ask if the boy is his, but do not receive an answer.
150px "Special Ops – Part 1" 5 5 July 14, 2013 2.84
Hickman and Anne-Marie are on the French–Italian border, investigating Phillip Genovese, the person who injured Hickman. In Cannes, billionaire Lev Marianski's son, Maxim, is taken hostage, his security detail and girlfriend Laure are shot and killed. Hickman and Anne-Marie learn of the case while visiting the police station. Anne-Marie remembers a similar case in Florence a few months prior. At the crime scene, Hickman suggests a professional hit—the shooting victims were double tapped and the killers left with Maxim in a hurry. Maxim's divorced parents arrive at the scene. Hickman notices Lev's nervousness and gets him to admit that a kidnapping insurance policy, which covers any ransom demands, was placed on his family. Lev also admits that Maxim had a tracer microchip implanted to get a discount on the policy. Sebastian traces the microchip to the local family villa. They find it, excised and bloody, sealed with a note mentioning future contact. The team sets up camp at the villa for any such contact. Eva is sent to Florence to check for connections between cases. Louis gets a call from Dorn, asking why the team is investigating his contact regarding Dimitrov. Louis realizes Lev is the contact, as the Marianksi financial records are being checked out and the abductors are Russian. Meanwhile, the kidnappers prepare Maxim for a video link to the parents and then call with their demands, €10 million in ten hours. Lev pleads for more time. The link is severed by an explosion at the villa.
150px "Special Ops – Part 2" 6 6 July 21, 2013 2.83
The explosion was contained to the house's security room, but knocked out the power. The team meets outside with the parents. The kidnapper's liaison monitors them from a nearby security camera and is told to call Lev Marianski. From the speaker of his phone, she mentions having everyone's attention. Hickman realizes they are being watched. The team uses the local police station as a hub. The kidnappers become distrustful of each other, yet enter the next stage of the plan by putting Maxim in an airtight container with a limited supply of oxygen running into it. In Florence, Eva meets with the only witness from the previous similar case, an art school's guidance counselor, Katya, who we know is the liaison. Katya cuts the meeting short and appears to be withholding information. Eva follows her to discover the video link between the kidnappers and the Marianskis. The two women fight and Katya is shot and killed. Louis gives the ransom money to a motorcyclist, while Tommy follows it in a helicopter. The team watches, via the video link that Eva keeps active, as the kidnappers prepare to set Maxim free. However, armed gunmen arrive and kill the kidnappers. Maxim remains locked away, his oxygen tanks depleting. After the cyclist is picked up but cannot help with details, Hickman questions Maxim's mother about the kidnapping. She confesses to it, out of hatred for Lev and overhearing Katya's previous plot, but doesn't know Maxim's location. Sebastian uses the IP address of the kidnappers' computer, along with images seen from the outside, to send Tommy to save Maxim just as he runs out of oxygen. Later at Hickman's trailer, Shari tells him that Genovese has left the area, but should return. They kiss.
150px "The Animals" 7 7 July 28, 2013 2.97
Dorn asks Louis if the Marianski kidnapping had anything to do with Dimitrov being his source. Louis insists that only the ex-wife was involved. Louis asks about Hickman and Anne-Marie says he is on an errand. Hickman is at The Hague's bank to ask the manager, Mr. Stoke, about an account with the passcode "carnival." Hickman eyes some nervous customers and calls the office to request an open line. As he does this, a robbery ensues by people dressed in animal masks. They collect the hostages's cell phones, including Hickman's, which severs his line to the office. Then, the bank manager is strapped with a bomb and shoved out the front door. The bomb is detonated. Sebastian finds tunnels run all over the city from under the bank. The team realizes the robbery was a cover to stage a prison break using the tunnels. All involved are eventually captured. Louis asks Hickman about some drugs found on him by the robbers. Hickman claims it is Lidocaine. Dorn and Louis also discuss Rebecca, who tosses her phone off a bridge when Louis calls her.
150px "Desperation & Desperados" 8 8 August 11, 2013 2.51
In Italy, drugs and money are stolen from the Conti Cartage warehouse rather than its olive oil. The thieves escape with Conti's daughter Angela in her car. Conti's men leave a trail of terror in public shootouts with the thieves throughout Italy and Slovenia. Sebastian and Tommy survey a Slovenia scene and deduce that someone was not being intentionally targeted. While one of Angela's captors, Paulo, is tended to in a hospital, his brother Antonio tells her about her father taking his family's land in order to manufacture drugs rather than olive trees. Nicola Conti was never criminally charged for it. He is arrested after his men, now intent on killing both Angela and Antonio, are tracked into some woods. Eva connects with Angela, as her own parents were killed for doing business with Nicola. Meanwhile, Rebecca suggests to Louis they finish the entrapment of the Russian and getting on with their lives, including their divorce.
150px "New Scars/Old Wounds – Part 1" 9 9 August 18, 2013 2.06
Hickman is called by Inspector Seeger to identify a body. Hickman believes it to be his missing girlfriend, Shari, but it turns out to be the bank manager from the earlier robbery. Hickman is arrested for beating her to death. His previous activity with the victim has been tracked, including an empty briefcase found behind his carnival trailer. The briefcase is thought to have contained €100,000 illegally taken from the bank. In the morgue, Tommy is allowed to look at the body. He says Hickman could not have beaten the victim with both hands, due to the injured right hand. An imprint from a ring with the monogram "G" was also found in some wounds. Louis tells this to Hickman, who knows it belongs to Genovese. Louis also tells Hickman that he knew of Hickman's past with Genovese and asks him not to become a vigilante in the search for Shari. Hickman quits the team. He returns to the carnival and enters a funhouse. Inside, Genovese assaults him while admitting to killing the bank manager for stealing his money. He claims to have shot Shari in order to make it look like a murder-suicide and leaves Hickman handcuffed to her near the gun and a syringe. Meanwhile, Sebastian's computer and equipment has been hacked, for which he blames Eva's former employers. Dorn gets even closer to finding Dimitrov, but is ambushed. He calls Louis to say Dimitrov knows their plans. Louis arrives home to a ransacked apartment and finds his wife Rebecca is missing.
150px "New Scars/Old Wounds – Part 2" 10 10 August 18, 2013 2.06
Seeger and Tommy arrive at the carnival to free Hickman and call an ambulance for Shari. Hickman gets into a gunfight with Genovese, ultimately wounding him. Both Shari and Genovese are taken to a hospital. Hickman apologizes to an unconscious Shari and goes to Genovese's room, where he tells Seeger and Tommy about Genovese using the traveling carnival for child trafficking. On the way back from Italy, where they are told Anne-Marie is missing, Sebastian and Eva are stopped by a roadblock. A burned car is pulled from a ditch. Eva believes it to be San's car and calls Tommy, when she can't reach Louis. Sebastian wishes to have his equipment and Eva tells him of the deal she has been given—he can have his equipment fixed but his personal files will be released to the public. He agrees, if it helps find San. Tommy remembers an unidentified burned body in the morgue where the bank manager was. He and Hickman leave, while Seeger monitors Genovese. In Paris, after not finding Louis nor his wife, Dorn gets a phone call to meet with Dimitrov, who tells him Rebecca was the target of the bomb that killed the Daniels' son. She had helped send Dimitrov's brother-in-law to prison after the Budyonnovsk hospital hostage crisis, where Dimitrov's wife and two daughters were killed. Dorn is given 24 hours to free the brother-in-law, if the Daniels are to be seen again. At the crash site, Sebastian's equipment reveals footprints heading away from the crash. They follow them and, it is believed, find San. Hickman arrives back at the main office to look for any information about San. After Dorn calls him to collect the team, Genovese, who escaped from Seeger, calls him, saying he cannot wait for round two.

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