Marco Corazza
Profile marco constante
Marco Corazza
Alias(es): Marco Constante
Status: Alive
Nationality: Italian
Affiliation: Polizia di Stato di Milano
Rank: Inspector
Played by: Goran Visnjic
Season: 3
Episodes: 12
Appears in: Season 3
First appeared: 'Redux', Season 3, Episode 1
Last appeared: 'Obscura', Season 3, Episode 12

Marco Corazza (aka. Marco Constante) is an Italian Inspector.


The inspector from Italy carries his past with him. When he was a boy, his younger sister Anna was kidnapped. Even after several months there was still no sign of the girl. From this tragedy his family has never recovered.

This terrible event was decisive for his future. He studied criminology and worked his way up to the status 'inspector' in the Milan police.

He is a lone wolf, who sometimes shows his temperamental side. With intellect and instinct, he solves his cases. Due to its own tragic family history, he can well empathize with other victims and their families. He uses his extraordinary talent to enter the psyche of the perpetrators.

Marco has never given up on the search for his sister. When he gets a call from Michel Dorn from The Hague and is being asked to help him in a kidnapping case, he sees his chance: He may be able to find his sister through his work for the ICC!

Behind the ScenesEdit

Marco Constante is played by Goran Visnjic in Season 3 of Crossing Lines.