Anne-Marie San
Status: Deceased
Nationality: French
Played by: Moon Dailly
Seasons: 1,
Appears in: all episodes

Detective Sergeant Anne-Marie San is a French officer in the Police Nationale, a human trafficking specialist, and a member of Louis Daniel's ICC squad.

She is played by Moon Dailly.


Before the ICCEdit

Anne-Marie was born in France sometime before Crossing Lines. Concerned with her behavior, her mother had her tested for autism by means of an MRI. Although the results are never shown, Anne-Marie states that her cranial shape was similar to that of OCD sufferers.

She rose to become one of the top human trafficking specialists in the French police, and was admired for her punctuality and work ethic.

Season OneEdit

In the Pilot, Anne-Marie is first seen talking to Louis Daniel about a serial killer (Gerald Wilhoit) who just murdered a woman in a Paris park. She later appears with him and the rest of the team when Louis introduces Carl Hickman to the team.


Anne-Marie doing research

While investigating Wilhoit, Anne-Marie is kidnapped by him and held in the back of his car. He takes her to his flat and forces her to play into his fantasy of her being his deceased mother. Later that night, he takes her to a park in Berlin and threatens to kill her. She escapes by not playing into his fantasy, and she catches up with the team (who later kills Wilhoit).

Anne-Marie becomes stronger as a result of her ordeal and plays an important role in leading the team's missions. She strikes up a friendly relationship with Hickman (along with added romantic tension between them).

In the last 2 episodes, Anne-Marie investigates a port-based trafficking ring in France. While escorting young girls rescued from the ring to the police station, she is involved in a car crash. The ICC team eventually pieces together what happened and mourns her loss, claiming that she was truly a member of their family.


  • In honor of her, Hickman keeps her nameplate on his work desk at the ICC squad base
  • Anne-Marie's role is replaced by Arabela Seeger in Seasons 2 and 3